Policy: School Level ERP Plan

• Executable plans to recover from disasters
• Completion of a BCP (Business Continuity Plan)
• BCPs also provide a framework for communicating with staff, suppliers, customers, and stakeholders during a disaster. Having a plan in place makes it more likely that crisis response will run smoothly, maximum service levels are maintained, and schools recover as quickly as possible.
• School level response and recovery must focus on the requirements of each school, not the solution

  • People: Who are the key stakeholders that keep schools operational?
  • Decisions: What are the critical decisions that need to be made in the event of disruption?
  • Facilities: Where can the school carry out essential functions should the primary space be unavailable?
  • Resource: What are the services and supply needs of each school?
  • Technology: How would you carry out school functions if the data network is not available?

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