Opinion: Bullying is on the rise, survey shows. How did we get here?

Hechinger Report, Jen Wilka, 9/24/2018

Research found that in Virginia, teasing and bullying was significantly higher in districts that voted for Trump. Trump has had an effect on children and in emboldening bullying behavior

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Secure Schools Alliance

Secure Schools Alliance: is a 501c3 organization aimed at providing and assisting educators, parents, and policymakers with research and education related to the safety and security of America’s educational infrastructure.

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Secure Schools Alliance has conducted a comprehensive public domain scan of state legislation related to all aspects of school safety and security. Their database breaks down each state’s work into quick reference bullet points: https://secureschoolresources.org/

School Safety Info.Org

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Find resources from organizations and nonprofits that offer school safety services arranged in key areas: Prepare, Respond and Recover here: https://www.schoolsafetyinfo.org/resources/resources-index.html